President's Office Mum

P&R News called President Frank Brock's office on February 14, 1997, to try to set up a telephone interview. The secretary, Mrs. Tricia Magnuson, indicated that Dr. Brock would probably be available that afternoon to talk with us.
Among the issues we hoped to cover were these: the relationship between the assertions in the apology that the faculty operates in accord with the Westminster Standards and that the "art department does not teach students to make images of Christ", and Prof. Kellogg's statements in the Bagpipe; Dr. Brock's statement that the General Assembly was not the place for him to present his eight page paper, due to the complexity of the issues, the size of the Assembly, and that most of the commissioners did not have a background in art; and whether the art exhibit would have been wrong if it had not caused an uproar in the PCA.
After a couple of weeks, we faxed a list of questions we intended to ask. We subsequently received the following e-mail message from the Development Office: "Covenant College feels that the issue of the art exhibit was responsibly handled at General Assembly last June. The college responded in detail to the Committee of Commissioners and abides by its unanimous report and the action of General Assembly concerning the exhibit."