College's Development Office Responds to Request

In light of Prof. Kellogg's statement that Covenant College owns artwork by Ed Knippers, P&R News requested from the Development Office information regarding that artwork. Here is the response from Mr. D. C. Dreger:
"Covenant College displays artwork in its various buildings, and has acquired art periodically since it was founded. The college does not have a policy on acquisition, and does not have a formal collection of artwork in the sense that a definitive catalog exists. A painting by Edward Knippers is hanging in the college library, where it has been for some time, on display for the college constituency. It appears to be a representation of bread, goblet and plate, signed by Knippers in 1976."
[We want to thank Mr. Dreger for his response. Anyone who would like to see samples of Mr. Knippers' work of the type displayed in chapel and in the chapel lobby may contact the Museum of Art at Oklahoma University (405-325-3272) and request a copy of Edward Knippers: Violence and Grace ($7.00 + $2.50 p/h).]