Union, SC (January 25, 1997)-McCutchen Memorial Presbyterian Church hosted the eighth stated meeting of Fellowship Presbytery.
The worship service was led by TE James Pfeiffer, a member of Great Lakes Presbytery and missionary with Africa Evangelical Fellowship led in our worship. Presbytery then observed a season of prayer.
We have received the letter of transfer for TE Richard Schwartz.
The Bills and Overtures Committee presented the proposed changes to the Book of Church Order. All amendments were passed. Item 2 passed by a margin of two votes. Presbytery's reservation was due to some perceived problems. First, the new 6-5 seems to contradict existing 6-4. 6-4 says, "Those only who have made a profession of faith in Christ, have been baptized, and admitted by the Session to the Lord's Table, are entitled to all the rights and privileges of the church." The proposed 6-5 seems to abridge the rights and privileges granted in 6-4. It also seems to contradict 25-1. Secondly, the 20-3 added sentence could be misinterpreted to indicate that it is the congregation which approves those able to vote in a congregational meeting instead of the Session as provided in the BCO. If this is added, it should at least have cross references to 6-4, 6-5 (if added), and 25-1. This addition also has the problem of contradicting BCO 6-4 and 25-1.
Our Membership Committee brought several recommendations to Presbytery. 1. We approved the change of call to move TE Bill Fox from Assistant Pastor to Associate Pastor at Westminster PCA. He will be installed Feb. 2. 2. David Jordan was received as a candidate and approved for his internship. 3. Barrett Jordan, David's son, was received as a candidate and approved for his internship. 4. Stanley Hartman was approved for another year as Stated Supply of the McCutchen Church in Union. 5. Jim Pfeiffer was granted permission to labor in the bounds of Fellowship Presbytery for up to 3 years. 6. Presbytery approved the minutes of the Commission to ordain and install Richard Schwartz at Bethel PCA.
The Teaching Elders signed the Ministerial obligation for 1997.
Presbytery approved three committee members from Fellowship Presbytery to the statewide Reformed Universities Ministry Committee to be formed in the state of South Carolina.
We adopted the Presbytery budget for 1997 and approved the budget for the Pres. WIC for 1997.
Nominations were made for General Assembly Permanent Committees, and appointments were made for the Committees of Commissioners.
Our next Presbytery meeting will be at 4:00 p.m., Thursday, April 24, 1997 at the Zion Church in Lowrys.

TE Bob Sprinkle, Stated Clerk
P.O. Box 205, Sharon SC 29742
(803) 684-0981(o)/927-7640(h)