Pacific Northwest

Poulsbo, WA (October 4-5, 1996)-Liberty Bay Presbyterian Church hosted the stated meeting of Pacific Northwest Presbytery. TE David Hopkins preached from Hebrews 10 on "The surpassing value of knowing Christ."
The report of the Commission to Receive Members, Organize Mission Church, Elect, Ordain, and Install Ruling Elders in Valley West Presbyterian Church, Boise, Idaho, was approved. Nineteen adults were received as communicant members upon reaffirmation of faith, and four children were received as communicants upon profession of faith. The church was organized on September 15, 1996. Messrs. Alan Burrow and Shelton Woods were elected, ordained, and installed as ruling elders. TE Jack D. Bradley had been the organizing pastor for the group, which recently switched from Rocky Mountain to Pacific Northwest.
TE Paul Walker led the Committee on Credentials report. Rev. David Bootsma and Mr. Kenton Spratt, both endorsed by Faith Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, BC, came under care as ministerial candidates. Mr. Bootsma has been pastor of a Baptist church in the Vancouver area for four years. "He was provisionally qualified by the MNA Assessment Center in May, left his former charge at the end of August, and moved to Vernon in September to begin work towards church planting." He was asked to take the Committee's written exams prior to the spring stated meeting, with a view to his being examined for transfer at that time. [Vernon is in south central British Columbia, about 90 miles north of the U. S. border.-Ed.]
Presbytery was reminded that the Committee on Ministers and Churches "has Presbytery's approval to meet with the Pastor and Session of a church after the pastor has been on the field for one year. The purpose of the visit is purely pastoral." The Committee urged "the Moderator to consider asking retired TEs to bring the message from God's Word to Presbytery from time to time. The Committee believes that there would be great benefit to be gained from the insights of these veteran warriors who have _finished the course' as they share their wisdom with those still in the fray." The Committee, in accordance with Presbytery's Standing Rules, dissolved the pastoral relationship between Crestwood Presbyterian Church and TE David Gelletta, who accepted a call to an Associate Reformed Presbyterian congregation in Silver Spring, MD. The Committee will bring a recommendation to the January stated meeting "regarding a job description for a Presbytery Minister-At-Large."
Presbytery removed from the list of candidates the names of Sean Craig (who concluded that he is not called to the gospel ministry) and David Smith (who is accepting a call to a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church near Montreal).
Dr. Robert S. Rayburn, Stated Clerk
620 South Shirley, Tacoma, WA 98465