Eastern Carolina

Henderson, NC (April 19, 1997)--The Spring Stated Meeting of Eastern Carolina Presbytery met at West Hills PCA, a congregation recently received into the presbytery. Moderator Jim O'Brien led in the opening prayer and preached from II Timothy 4:3-4 on "The Ministry Men Want." The Lord's Supper was administered by TE Douglas A. Addington, pastor of the host church.
Presbytery approved the minutes of the Committee to Oversee former Members of Lednum Street Church. It also dissolved the commission immediately; and voted for the Commission's Secretary to "convey to each of the said former members the action of Presbytery, commending them once again to God's eternal care and keeping."
Presbytery expressed "its deep appreciation to the Treasurer, DE Robert McGee, for his many hours of faithful labor."
On a second reading, the court adopted a revision to its Manual of Operation, as follows: "Every Teaching Elder member of ECP shall report periodically at a Stated Meeting. The Clerk will keep a list and schedule no more than three per meeting. . . ." The voted was 23-0, thus meeting the two-thirds requirement.
The Stated Clerk reported that, with all but the Rocky Mount church reporting, "we have 1881 communicants, a 4.5% increase over 1995. We also received 28 covenant children and 23 adults on Profession of Faith."
Mr. Jim Hughes, Coordinator of Insurance, Annuities and Relief, addressed the court. Also speaking to the men was Mrs. Beverly Miller, who reported on the work of the PresWIC. Fifteen minutes before lunch, Presbytery recessed to form prayer groups of three to four each, "to share personal and congregational concerns, to take these petitions to the Father, and to offer thanks for the noon meal."
The MTW Committee showed the video "Santosa's Story" and each church was given a copy for its own use. A report was given regarding the mission work being done among the Cherokee Indians.
Presbytery dissolved the Special Committee to Advise Evangelist Marshall. The minutes note that "the crisis which precipitated the special committee's appointment [has] passed." Further, the court waived the submission of committee minutes, "in light of the personal nature of the discussions therein and the absence of substantive motions proposed or passed."
Presbytery took under care Aniruddha Sen, Mark Whipple, and Murray Garrott (all from Church of the Good Shepherd), and approved an internship plan for Mr. Garrott. Also coming under care was Wallace Marshall, son of TE Bill Marshall of Grace Covenant Fellowship Mission.
The theological portion of the ordination exam of Candidate Greg Norfleet, who was being called as Assistant Pastor at Church of the Good Shepherd, was not sustained. During the discussion of the motion dealing with theology, Moderator O'Brien stepped down and RE Robert Brown assumed the chair. Presbytery, having sustained all other parts of the exam, voted to ask the candidate "to present himself in July to be examined in theology."
At 8:48 PM, Presbytery took a five minute break, before proceeding to examine TE Jeff Black, who was transferring from Westminster Presbytery. Eastern Carolina sustained his exam, and approved his call as Pastor of White Oak Presbyterian Church, Fremont, NC.
It was reported that at a called meeting on March 8th, the Moderator "was to appoint a committee to oversee the censure [of Donovan Riley] but that has yet to be done." It was moved, seconded, and carried that the Moderator "appoint the committee to oversee the censure of TE Riley."
Fourteen hours after convening, at 11:00 PM, Presbytery voted to adjourn.
RE Austin Leake, Stated Clerk
1504 Dockside Place, Cary, NC 27511