Fellowship Presbytery

Lowrys, SC (April 24, 1997)--The Ninth Stated Meeting of Fellowship Presbytery was at the Zion Church. At the request of the Zion Session we convened at 4:00 p.m. The Moderator, RE Tom Trexler opened the meeting in prayer. Candidate David Jordan preached from Daniel 5:17-26 followed by the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper.
TE Chip McArthur was elected Moderator for this meeting. Several members of Presbytery reported on recent meetings of General Assembly Committees on which they are members.
Our Membership Committee gave reports on our interns, David and Barrett Jordan. The sermon preached by David Jordan was approved as part of his examination for licensure. Both David and Barrett plan to be examined for licensure at the September meeting. TE Sam Joyner, Campus Minister at Winthrop University with Reformed Universities Ministries, has resigned and will be seeking a call to a congregation.
Presbytery approved the Missions Committee proceeding to have a church planter ready to begin work in the Presbytery as early as the September Meeting.
Sessional Records were examined, and most were approved without any exceptions. The Minutes of the Commission to install Bill Fox as Associate Pastor at the Westminster Church were approved.
Our next meeting is scheduled at the Bethel Church in Clover on Thursday, September 18, and RE Leonard Gwinn is our Moderator Nominee.
Bob Sprinkle, Stated Clerk/Correspondent
P.O.Box 205, Sharon, SC 29742