Myrtle Beach, SC (April 24, 1997)--Palmetto Presbytery met at the Springmaid Beach Conference Center. The preacher for the morning worship service, which included the observance of the Lord's Supper, was Rev. Archie Parrish of the MNA Committee in Atlanta.
Rev. David Sinclair, the Director of Reformed Campus Fellowship at Clemson University, was examined in order that he might receive a call to become pastor of the Lexington (SC) Presbyterian Church. He passed his examination in a most commendable manner. He will be installed on July 27th. Mr. Darrell Madi was approved to become the RUF Director at the University of South Carolina after he graduates from Covenant Theological Seminary in May. He will be examined for ordination at the July meeting of Presbytery. Rev. Tom Wood, pastor of the Metro North Church in Charleston, gave the charge to Mr. Madi based on Titus 2:11.
The Judicial Committee made a report followed by the Mission to North America Committee.
The order of the day was a talk by Rev. Ric Cannada of Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte. He explained how this Seminary effectively serves both the Carolinas and explained that they were taking full possessionof its property in June. He also encouraged pastors to participate in their Doctor of Ministry program.
After lunch, Mr. Parrish led the Ministry Time. He gave a challenging message on I Timothy 2:1. He talked about revitalization of churches. He said that such renewal would come not from Atlanta but from vital churches reaching out to help churches that needed revitalization. He said that only God can resurrect a church.
He is concerned that many of the 1137 churches in the PCA seem to reach the ceiling of their potential in about seven years and then begin to decline. He said the answer to this was sound Biblical preaching, the correct observance of the sacraments, and a passion for prayer. In his view, our churches do not emphasize prayer nearly enough.
He quoted from Revelation 19 and said that that is a striking picture of the Bride taken to the marriage supper of the Lamb. He said, "I think God's purpose in history is to prepare His Bride, the Church, for the Lord Jesus Christ." Mr. Parrish is convinced that our nation is about to experience an extraordinary revival sent by the Lord in the very near future. He said that we must prepare and we must have the prepared leaders.
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