PCA to 'Celebrate the Child'

Colorado Springs, CO (June 12, 1997)--The question of whether the Presbyterian Church in America should "Celebrate the Child" was a hot topic at last year's Christian Education and Publications (CE/P) Committee of Commissioners meeting. The CE/P Permanent Committee had requested that "because of our strong commitment to covenant theology and its family orientation, that 1996/97 be approved as a special time to 'Celebrate the Child'. . . ." Fueled by concerns expressed by TE David Brown of Northern California Presbytery, the Committee of Commissioners recommended, and the Assembly adopted, an amended version of the motion which stated "that 1997/98 be approved as a special time to encourage a heightened awareness of children's ministry and that CE/P communicate ideas and suggestions to local churches on its implementation." Added to the recommendation was an Explanatory Note: "CE/P is advised not to participate in the 'Celebrate the Child' program unless and until it is clearly demonstrated to the permanent committee that there is no appearance of evil (I Thessalonians 5:22) caused by possible association of this program with any similarly sponsored by non-Christian, humanistic organizations."
Mr. Brown's concern was particularly over the possible association of this concept with notions promoted by the United Nations and other such groups. Over the past year, CE/P investigated the matter, and apparently was satisfied that there was no connection between non-Christian organizations and what it was hoping to promote in conjunction with other evangelical agencies.
On the floor of the Assembly today, Brown, a California pastor and retired Christian educator, expressed his appreciation for the way in which CE/P had faithfully carried out its task in this matter. The Assembly, without controversy, passed the recommendation that "the local churches be encouraged to participate in the 'Celebrate the Child' campaign sponsored by CE&P."