Central Carolina

Charlotte, NC (April 26, 1997)--Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) hosted the 69th Stated Meeting of Central Carolina Presbytery. RTS-Charlotte President Rick Cannada led a service of worship, and RTS President Luder Whitlock preached from Romans 1.
Presbytery approved the judgment in the case of Levin vs. Christ Covenant Church. It also approved the judgment in the appeal of Dr. Shive vs. Christ Covenant Church--but not without a fight. A motion that the report be referred to a committee to study its constitutionality was made and seconded, but failed on a voice vote. Then, a question was raised as to whether the report of the commission could be amended. The Moderator, RE Robert Stevenson, cited BCO 15-3 and declared that it could not be amended; but this decision was challenged, in that that provision refers only to the judgment of the case and not the rest of the report. On a voice vote, the chair's ruling was sustained. The notice of appeal by Dr. Shive suspends the judgment of excommunication pending the appeal.
[The commission that heard the Shive appeal, most unusually, addressed Dr. Shive's counsel, RE Chris Dollar, in these words: "We respect Mr. Dollar's efforts to exhaust every means to insure the appellant is fairly represented. However, we admonish our brother that his penchant for procedural technicalities has proved cumbersome to the resolution of this case."--Ed.]
An overture from Mt. Carmel Session, that the court "appoint a study Committee regarding whether a ruling elder can be appointed by a higher court 'pending approval' of the lower court," failed to carry. The issue arose because the appointment of RE Chris Dollar, a member of Christ Covenant Church, to the Candidates Committee had been made contingent upon approval of the Session. Later, the minutes read: "At the request of Mr. [Scott] Willett regarding the interim appointment of RE Dollar to the Candidates Committee, the Moderator ruled that Mr. Dollar is not a member of the committee until such time as he and his Session agree on his involvement."
Prosperity Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, concerned about the fact that local news reports "have led some to confuse the Presbyterian Church in America with the liberal actions of the PCUSA," asked the Presbytery "to request that the local media distinguish these various Presbyterian bodies in their reporting." This overture was adopted.
TE Bert Gibson was transferred to Pacific Northwest Presbytery so that he could accept a call to the Crestwood Church, Edmonton, Alberta. TE Taylor McGown was permitted to labor out of bounds with an interdenominational chapel in Big Canoe, GA, as "an associate member of that fellowship, with the guarantee of being free to preach Reformed doctrines." [Big Canoe is in the bounds of North Georgia Presbytery--Ed.]
The Shepherding Committee was instructed to "direct T.E. Zaephel to fulfill his covenant vows of ordination in regard to the work of presbytery. T.E. Zaephel should be informed that if he continues in his neglect of his church (i.e. presbytery) that he will be disciplined as per BCO 34-1, 34-4, and 34-10."
Presbytery recommended that the Session of Westminster Church amend its bylaws so as not to allow an inactive membership roll.
Presbytery initiated an internship for Joe Laird at Uptown Christ Covenant, with TE Tom Hawkes as mentor. The court suspended the internship of Mr. Dowda, "since he is no longer serving in that ministry." The court transferred the candidacy of Mr. Lovelace to Southwest Florida Presbytery, pending that presbytery's approval; and transferred his membership to Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Cape Coral, FL.
It was moved, seconded and carried to appoint RE Paul English to the Candidates Committee.
The following men were enrolled as candidates for the gospel ministry: David Aucremann, Mark South, Mark Gibson, Matt Guzi, James Green, and Ryan Weimer. An internship was initiated for Mr. Aucremann at Christ Covenant with TE Harry Reeder as mentor; and an internship was initiated for Mr. Gibson at Shearer Presbyterian Church, Mooresville, NC, with TE Lonnie Barnes as mentor.
The Presbytery heard from Miss Ellen Barnett (MTW Mexico) and Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Gildard (MTW Senegal).
TE Charles Reece of the Faith Liberation Mission in Charlotte was examined in order to transfer his credentials from the National Baptist Church. His examination was approved, and Dr. Reece was called as Organizing Pastor of Faith Liberation Mission.
Presbytery amended its budget in order to support the Korean Mission for $10,000, to give $1,000/month for Dr. Reece's support, and to give an additional $1,000 to the Southeast regional church planter for the Southeast Regional Conference.
An Elder's Wives Conference was approved to be held in January, in conjunction with Presbytery's Stated Meeting. Presbytery approved "the WIC [Women in the Church] councils in our local churches to attend and promote the Spring meeting at Southlake, the Wives Conference in Atlanta (Aug. 22-24), and the Ridge Haven retreat (Oct. 10-12)." The Presbytery's youth groups were encouraged to attend the 1997 summer camp programs at Ridge Haven.

TE David Frierson, Stated Clerk
1282 Clayton Carriker Road, Ellerbe, NC 28338