Former IRC Chairman Seeks to Defend Delegation's Actions

A June 3, 1997, letter from TE Henry Lewis Smith, who was Chairman of the Interchurch Relations Committee (IRC) last year, seeks to defend the actions of the PCA's delegation to NAPARC 1996. Routed through the Stated Clerk's Office to the IRC Committee of Commissioners, the letter states: "Our delegation had every intention of faithfully carrying out the mandate of the General Assembly to seek the removal of the Christian Reformed Church and had not the slightest hesitation in doing this. Quite early on the morning of Nov. 20 [second day of the two day meeting--Ed.], Paul [Gilchrist] called me at my home to report that he had been subjected to a great deal of pressure from some of the delegations to delay this action. Paul sought confirmation from me, and I told him that, pressure or no pressure, our delegation should proceed to carry out the mandate of the General Assembly."