Letters To The Editor

Dear Friends,
Thank you for sending me the P&R News. It contains some thought-provoking material. I have the Vol 3, #1 of Winter 1997 but can't locate the issue on worship to which letters on p. 10 speak. Would you please send me a copy of that "worship" issue. Thanks.
In Him,
Nelson Malkus, Quarryville, PA
[As long as they are available, we are always happy to send copies of back issues.--Ed.]

Dear Dr. Smith:
. . . I edit and publish a newsletter ("Crown and Covenant") for the Association of Ministers of the Reformed Faith. I'll put you on our mailing list. We are deeply concerned about the sad state of Presbyterianism. Surely we need to pray for reformation.
May the Lord bless you in your journalistic efforts. We need and appreciate the great reporting you are doing.
Yours in Christ's service,
Mark W. Evans, Pastor
[Those interested in Pastor Evans' newsletter may contact him at Hope Presbyterian Church, 20 Sharon Drive, Greenville, SC 29607; (864)232-1486; e-mail: mkevns@ix.netcom.com.]

I have had contact over the years in Iraq as many of you know. The man who I have been working with is leaving Iraq and coming to the U.S. He is looking for a place to minister.
He is in his late 30's, has four children and speaks fluent English and Arabic. He has an M.Div. from Westminster West and is particularly interested in working among Arabic people in the U.S.
He was born in Egypt and has pastored both there and in Iraq, churches of up to over 2,000 people. He is very capable in many ways and reasonably reformed, with a desire to become more so.
He is coming to the U.S. with a green card which means he is able to work any job and he and his wife are willing to work in other jobs until his ministry opportunities can support him. However, he may need a little assistance in finding jobs and getting through the first month or two.
He has excellent references.
If anyone has any ideas or thoughts about potential ministry opportunities for him, please let me know. He is planning on coming to the U.S. directly from Iraq in mid-September. Please pass this information around amongst Reformed people and churches to whomever might be interested.
Geoffrey W. Donnan, Minister, Director
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