Assembly Instructs MNA on Women's Leadership

Colorado Springs, CO (June 12, 1997)--Reacting to information that women were leading seminars sponsored by Mission to North America (MNA) at conferences which included men and women, New Jersey Presbytery had overtured the General Assembly to request MNA not to use women as teachers and worship leaders in its seminars. While the overture was answered in the negative, the Grounds, as adopted by the Assembly, are as follows: "Seminars led by women on biblical and theological exposition will have women as the intended audience. The Scriptures and the subordinate standards are clear that only men are to be appointed as elders. The subordinate standards are clear that the preaching of the Word in the public worship on the Lord's Day is to be conducted by elders, under the oversight of the session. The GA recognizes that the ministry of women within the church, including MNA, must be exercised within the bounds of Scripture, including I Timothy 2:11-12."