Dr. Gilchrist Announces His Retirement

Dr. Paul Gilchrist, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America, announced that he will retire from that office at the end of the 1998 Assembly. Included in the article is a profile of Dr. Gilchrist.

Padgett Resigns as Coordinator of Reformed University Ministries

Marvin Padgett, who served as Coordinator of the Presbyterian Church in America's campus outreach (Reformed University Ministries), resigned effective the end of November 1997. His almost two years as RUM Coordinator have not been smooth ones, as he has been at the center of controversy regarding the way he was appointed and his competence in the job. He also found himself caught up in the battle over proposed re-structuring of RUM which might have led to more centralization of power in Atlanta. Included is an interview with Mr. Padgett.

Commission Rules in Mississippi Valley Charismatic Case

A special judicial commission of the General Assembly unanimously sustained in part a complaint brought against Mississippi Valley Presbytery. The complaint had been filed against the approval for ordination of a man who claimed a special prayer language and proclaimed himself to be in favor of non-canonical prophecy.

Stated Clerk Attends Meeting with Disney Representative

Dr. Paul Gilchrist, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), met on July 23, 1997 with a representative of the Disney Corporation. The meeting had been set up by King for America, and featured representatives of many evangelical groups. According to Dr. Gilchrist, "The consensus of the organizations attending was a general support for the Southern Baptist position"-namely, that of a boycott of Disney. In 1996, the PCA General Assembly declined to encourage a consideration of a boycott of Disney products. According to Gilchrist's Interim Press Officer, Bob Fiol, the Stated Clerk was attending that meeting in Washington, DC, "as Paul Gilchrist" and that he "was not representing the denomination."

Stated Clerk's Actions Questioned by North Carolina Church and Presbytery

Eastern Carolina Presbytery voted August 23, 1997 to take action with regard to General Assembly Stated Clerk Dr. Paul Gilchrist for alleged failure to perform his duty in relation to a congregation. The Presbytery voted for its Moderator to send a letter to each member of the denominational Administrative Committee to seek an explanation for Dr. Gilchrist's actions as reflected in various pieces of correspondence. The court also directed the aggrieved Session "to lay charges against TE Paul Gilchrist before [his presbytery] according to BCO 32-9 if their conscience so demands."


"Playing Keepaway"-Have you heard about the latest game on the ecclesiastical playground? It's called "Keepaway", and the object is to see how many official church documents bureaucrats can keep from the peasants who request them.

"A Question of Jurisdiction"-The courts of the church must be open to all, or justice and righteousness will not flow freely.


Our readers write-including with regard to Covenant Presbytery's approval of a man who rejects six day creation.

News from the Presbyteries

Ascension, Central Carolina, Covenant, Eastern Canada, Eastern Carolina, Fellowship, James River, Mid-America, New Jersey, Northeast, Pacific Northwest, Palmetto, Potomac, Southern Florida, Western Carolina, and Westminster all report in.

Quotes from the Quorums

Some of the banter heard on the floor of one of our presbyteries.

A Poignant Moment

A minister shares his thoughts on the death of his son.