Eastern Carolina

Princeton, NC (July 19, 1997)-Progressive Presbyterian Church hosted the Summer Stated Meeting of Eastern Carolina. TE Jim O'Brien, Moderator, called the meeting to order, led in prayer, and led in the singing of Psalm 100. TE Jeff Black preached from Ezekiel 24 on the primacy of the Word of God. The worship ended with the singing of Psalm 146.

An honorably retired member of Presbytery, TE James Ransom, received and accepted the call of Pamlico PCA, Oriental, NC, as Pastor. The terms of call include $20,600 salary, $8,400 housing, $2,400 medical/disability insurance, $2,400 annuity, $1,200 travel, and four weeks annual vacation.

Miss Ellen Barnett, long-time MTW missionary to Mexico, reported on her work.

Mr. Greg Norfleet, candidate for ordination, had previously sustained all parts of his examination except for theology. Presbytery proceeded to examine him in that area. During the examination, it was moved, seconded and carried that the line of questioning regarding the 4th Commandment cease. The court determined that "the candidate's view of the 4th commandment amounts to an exception to the Standards." The minutes state, "The vote on this thoroughly discussed motion was 16-14." The vote to sustain the exam in theology, "granting exception in the candidate's view of the 4th commandment," carried, 23-8. Mr. Norfleet accepted the call as Assistant Minister of Church of the Good Shepherd, with the following terms: $44,000 salary; $5,568 family health insurance; $5,280 retirement contributions and disability; $1,300 expenses as governed by the CGS Accountable Reimbursement Plan; 4 weeks of vacation/year; expectation to work 50 hours/week on professional church business; expected to take 9 holidays/year on or near the following days: Thanksgiving (2); Christmas (2); New Year's, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day; in case of disability, "the church agrees to continue full remuneration for up to six months until the disability insurance would begin to pay benefits."

The Presbytery adjourned to a called meeting to complete the business of the docket.

Winterville, NC (August 23, 1997)-Christ Presbyterian Church, located in the suburbs of Greenville, hosted the called meeting of Eastern Carolina Presbytery.

It was moved that Rocky Mount Presbyterian Mission be moved to core group status under the oversight of the Presbytery's MNA Committee "with a view toward healing and rebuilding as quickly as possible to mission status with ten families." Presbytery voted to table this motion, 13-7.

It was moved and seconded that "Presbytery request Candidates and Examinations Committee to furnish to presbytery all written examinations of candidates prior to their examination on the floor of Presbytery." After "it was pointed out that the typical exam consists of about 100 pages," the motion was defeated.

The Presbytery voted to continue indefinite suspension from the ministry of TE Don Riley.

Regarding the proposed overture from Christ Presbyterian Church with respect to Dr. Paul Gilchrist, the Moderator ruled that the debate would be divided into two issues: judicial and administrative. Presbytery voted to "direct the Session of Christ PCA to lay charges against TE Paul Gilchrist before the North Georgia Presbytery according to BCO 32-9 if their conscience so demands." [Note: Dr. Gilchrist's membership is actually in Tennessee Valley Presbytery-Ed.] Presbytery also directed the Moderator, "in consultation with the Session of Christ PCA, to write to all the members of the [General Assembly Administrative Committee] forwarding the letters (contained in the proposed Overture) and asking for an explanation of the actions of the GA Stated Clerk regarding this matter." [See the article on p. 2-Ed.]

RE Austin Leake, Stated Clerk

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