Newark, NJ (May 17, 1997)--The Presbytery of New Jersey of the Presbyterian Church in America met for its 80th stated meeting on Saturday, May 17, 1997 at Iglesia Presbiteriana Communidade (Presbyterian Community Church). Pastor Renato Bernardes and his congregation received the brethren with exemplary hospitality. The account of how this Portuguese speaking congregation acquired their new, spacious facility is an extraordinary example of Divine Providence.

The New Jersey eldership overwhelmingly approved five of eight Book of Church Order amendments. New Jersey voted 4 -18 -7 against item #1, concerning the prefatory statement on the purely moral or spiritual object of ecclesiastical discipline. This court's voice was also against amendment # 3, which provides for the Standing Judicial Commission as a whole to be the normative commission of General Assembly, by a vote of 0 - 28 - 3.

RE Richard Sterling of Covenant Bible Church in Cape May was received under care as a candidate for the gospel ministry.

Meanwhile, back in winter's cold of this year, folks from New Jersey and three other Presbyteries were heating things up at a youth retreat at Young Life's Lake Champion near Port Jervis, New York. The retreat speaker was Mike Terranova, area director of Young Life in Syracuse, NY, whose brother Russ Terranova is a missionary in Colombia with MTW.

TE Jim Cunningham and TE Pedro Govantes, both from the sponsoring Princeton Presbyterian Church, coordinated the event. Mr. Cunningham reported that over 300 junior/senior high schoolers shared in a weekend of music, hilarious skits, and a clear presentation of the gospel. "Every church which attended was thrilled", he advised this reporter. The 1998 version promises to be even bigger, and two seperate weekends are planned, splitting junior high and senior high.

TE Keith Graham, Correspondent

Locktown PCA Church