Pacific Northwest

Beaverton, OR (April 25-26, 1997)-The Stated Meeting of Pacific Northwest Presbytery was hosted by Evergreen Presbyterian Church.

Presbytery voted to "devote the next two years of Friday evening sederunts to a study of the Lord's Supper and its liturgical 'shape,' individual presbyters contributing, as willing, to these discussions, reports of reading and research as assigned by an ad hoc committee convened by the Stated Clerk."

TE Eric Irwin spoke of the faithfulness of RE Raymond L. Addington, Covenant PCA, Issaquah, WA, "and of his faith in dying." TE Steve Laug spoke of RE John Paul's six year old son Sheldon "and of the Lord's remarkable work in this young believer's life leading up to his death from leukemia."

Presbytery congratulated Doug and Hellen Codling in prospect of the weddings of their son and daughter "on the two successive weekends following Presbytery" and expressed gratitude to "its longest serving minister for his years of faithfulness in the work."

Presbytery approved the minutes of its commissions to ordain and install Mr. Eric Irwin as Pastor of Covenant PCA, Issaquah; to install Rev. Terry Crahen as Pastor at Valley West PCA, Boise, ID; and to examine officer candidates for Evergreen Presbyterian Church, Beaverton.

TE Paul Walker reported on his visit to Grace Reformed Mission, Sechelt, BC, on February 16th. The mission group has since elected Mr. Nicol Warn and Mr. Perry Harding as elders. These elders-elect are "able to give leadership now, and [are] ready to be ordained at such time as the congregation is erected in the future."

Presbytery granted to Living Word Presbyterian Church, Hayden Lake, ID, which is a "Designated Work", the status of "Mission" with the Session of Faith Presbyterian Church, Spokane, as the appointed government with authority to receive members. The court also voted to stand with this mission in its application to the Five Million Fund for $10,000 towards purchasing ten acres and an additional $50,000 "for the erecting of a church building, the latter award to be granted by the Fund only upon the permission of Presbytery at a later date."

The Stated Clerk reported that, because of the faithfulness of the committee chairmen, he sees no need any longer for a Recording Clerk. Presbytery began the process of amending the Standing Rules by deleting reference to that office.

Presbytery examined and received (pending release from North Georgia Presbytery) TE G. Thompson Allen, in order to be a church planter in Seattle. His call of $65,000 from the General Assembly MNA Committee was approved.

Also examined and received was TE Herbery Gibson of Central Carolina Presbytery. The call of Crestwood Presbyterian Church, Edmonton, AB, of $46,190 (Canadian dollars) was approved. Included in the call was a provision that "[t]he church reserves the right to review your performance as pastor every three years. Performance reviews will be conducted by the Session in consultation with the congregation."

Rev. David Bootsma, who had served as a North American Baptist Conference pastor for four years, was examined and received into the membership of the court. He was called as a church planter in Vernon, BC, by the General Assembly MNA Committee, with a total package of $40,000 (Canadian).

At 4:05 PM, Presbytery recessed. The play "The Brother's Keeper", written by Mr. Terry Spivey of the host church and performed by him and others, was presented.

After supper, Presbytery reconvened for the service of organizing Evergreen Presbyterian Church including installing the two ruling elders (James Hill and Guy Williams) and ordaining and installing the two deacons (Keith Hansen and Stan Kohlmeyer).

Presbytery approved the call by the Session of Green Lake Presbyterian Church, Seattle, to Rev. Ed Volz for an unpaid and part time position as Assistant Pastor.

Reports were heard regarding the various candidates under care of the Presbytery.

The Committee on Ministers and Churches, "grateful to God for the present peace and stability in the Presbytery, requested a prayer of thanksgiving which was then offered."

TE Robert S. Rayburn, Stated Clerk

620 South Shirley Street, Tacoma, WA 98465