Anderson, SC (October 23, 1997)-The 56th Stated Meeting of Calvary Presbytery was hosted by Norris Hill Presbyterian Church. RE Earl Steadman, Moderator, called the meeting to order with prayer. At opening worship, Candidate Charles Baile preached from Psalm 100.

TE Michael Mang was dismissed to Potomac Presbytery to accept a call in Manassas, VA. TE Robert Dekker was dismissed to Nashville Presbytery to become a church planter. The call of Foothills PCA to TE Roger Sowder was approved, with a salary package of $41,052.00.

Presbytery received Joshua Martin and John Boyte as ministerial candidates. The court approved the application for a loan from The Lamb Fund for Berry Hudson. Robert (Chip) Sneed's internship was approved, as he has completed all the requirements. The Manual of Presbytery was amended to increase the membership of the Candidates Committee, as the Presbytery now has 33 candidates. The Manual was also amended to read that applications for candidacy "shall ordinarily be in the hands of the Committee Chairman by two months before the meeting of Presbytery."

Presbytery approved the transfer of TE John Smith from New River Presbytery, even though not present today, being in the hospital). The rationale was that he "had served two churches in Calvary Presbytery faithfully, and Mr. Smith has lived within the bounds of Calvary Presbytery since he has been Honorably Retired, and has preached at numerous churches in Calvary Presbytery since his retirement." TE Mark Marquis requested that his negative voted be recorded on this action.

TE Randy Jenkins was approved for transfer from Eastern Carolina Presbytery, to be pastor of Lebanon Presbyterian Church, Abbeville, SC, with a salary package of $38,000.00 plus manse. TE Bill Laxton was approved for transfer from Western Carolina Presbytery to be pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, Easley, SC, with a salary package of $70,000.00. The Shepherding Committee sent a communication to the Covenant Church Session, "asking them for a reply as to why their Pastor, TE Bill Laxton, has been acting as their pastor before being approved by Presbytery." TE Tom Musselman was examined and received to be a church planter in Seneca, SC, with a salary package of $60,000.00. Mr. Charles Bailes was examined and licensed. (The minutes of the Examination Committee reveal that Messrs. Laxton and Musselman have "struggled with the literal six day creation, but both stated that they accept the Genesis account as true. . . . There was one abstention on the vote to approve Elder Musselman's examination, due to his uncertainty regarding the literal six day creation. There were two abstentions on the vote to approve the views of Elder Laxton, due to his views on dance and drama in worship and his tolerance of speaking in tongues, although he does not endorse it." [There were a total of five members of the Examination Committee present.])

From the floor, a motion was moved and seconded that "the examinations committee encouraged Candidates and Ministers coming into the Presbytery to request Commissions which represent the Presbytery, rather than just the Local Church." The motion carried.

TE Patrick Dickens, missionary to Albania, was permitted to labor out of bounds in Greenbrier, AR, while he ministers to his ill parents.

The following motion was referred to the MNA Committee for study: "That the MNA Committee adopt a policy that reflects the following: A) That MNA will not initiate any Church Planting within a five mile radius of an existing PCA Church, unless the Session of the existing Church gives its approval. B) That MNA will not fund daughter churches that do not abide by this policy. C) That MNA will not plant churches in a five mile radius of churches with whom we have fraternal relations unless we have their approval."

Calvary Presbytery appointed an investigative committee "to address concerns involving the Calvary Presbyterian Church Session and The Antioch-Daughter Group-leaving intact the $10,000.00 ear-marked in the MNA budget for that Church Plant."

During the meeting, special reports were heard as follows: TE Rod Mays, counselling ministry; TE Ben Shaw, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary; TE Rick Brawner, international work at Clemson University; and Mr. Bart Moseman, Reformed University Fellowship Interim Director at Clemson.

TE Charles Champion, Stated Clerk

712 Harrison Grove Road, Roebuck, SC 29376