Camden, AL (October 21, 1997)-The 98th Stated Meeting of Warrior Presbytery was held at First Presbyterian Church, Camden. TE Tim Kay led the court in worship; and he and TE Joseph Wheat officiated at the Lord's Table. TE Mark Spellman was elected Moderator by acclamation. Since the Moderator is the recording clerk, a temporary clerk-TE Dean Rydbeck-was elected.

Presbytery approved the following addition to its bylaws:

"The Membership Committee has the power of a commission to grant permission to a candidate, licentiate or ordained minister from another Presbyterian Church in America presbytery to move to the field to which he has been called, prior to the completion of his examination for licensure or ordination in extraordinary circumstances which might work an unnecessary hardship on the individual, the calling church and/or Warrior Presbytery (see BCO 21-1).

"In granting this provisional arrangement the Membership Committee shall take due care to assure the following:

"a) that the candidate, licentiate, or ordinate has satisfactorily sustained his initial verbal and/or written examinations before the Examinations Committee of Warrior Presbytery and there is good reason to believe that the candidate, licentiate or ordinate will satisfactorily complete his trials and examinations and be sustained before the Presbytery. . . .

"b) that the candidate, licentiate or ordinate and the Session of the local church receives full written explanation that the move to the field is provisional pending the successful completion of the examination before Warrior Presbytery and that failing such success the candidate, licentiate or ordinate could face the expense and inconvenience of relocating his home.

"c) that providing a copy of this section of the bylaws to all parties involved and giving verbal explanation thereof shall constitute due written notice to said parties.

"d) that the Stated Clerk of Warrior Presbytery be notified that this provisional arrangement has been authorized.

"e) that the Membership Committee shall always be prepared to give full explanation to Warrior Presbytery as to why a situation was deemed to be 'extraordinary' and to demonstrate that due care was exercised in granting this provisional arrangement in each situation."

TE Bill Lamkin was examined in order for him to become Pastor of Linden Presbyterian Church. He was received, pending release from Mississippi Valley Presbytery.

Presbytery approved the reports of the commissions to install TE Shawn Keating as Pastor at Woodland Heights Presbyterian Church, Selma, and to install TE Bryan Bond as Assistant Pastor at Riverwood Presbyterian Church, Tuscaloosa. Dr. Cortez Cooper preached at Mr. Keating's installation.

The court entertained a memorial resolution from TE James Perry concerning TE Joel Beazley, who had been killed in an automobile accident. The court adopted the resolution and voted to send it to the family.

TE Tommy Carr, Stated Clerk

PO Box 1220

Demopolis, AL 36732