Spring 1998 Issue

'Meet Me in St. Louis'
The 26th Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly gets set to meet in the Gateway City. Silver anniversary celebrations are on the agenda. The business sessions promise to contain controversial items, including discussion of Creation; church planting in the West; women in combat; and Interchurch Relations.

Church Planting in the West
Northern California Presbytery's proposed doubling of its territory is being opposed by Central Georgia and Grace Presbyteries. Those two Deep South presbyteries are also raising concerns regarding worship practices and philosophy of ministry evident especially in Utah, particularly at New Song-Salt Lake, a PCA mission work in downtown Salt Lake City. To understand the story behind the story, click on: The Saga of Jason Wallace; A Closer Look at New Song-Salt Lake; Interview with New Song's Jeffrey Szakonyi; Following the Money Trail; One Family's Experience with New Song-Salt Lake; New Song's Unique Sacramental Practices; A Baptism in Utah; Ordination Day at New Song-Salt Lake; Lewis Ruff on New Song-Salt Lake; and An Incomplete Interview with Cortez Cooper. [We would also call the reader's attention to the Editor's Note on the New Song-Salt Lake Articles.]

'Failure' at Church Planting
A minister in the Christian Reformed Church draws some startling conclusions regarding 'success' in church planting.

Creation Debate Heats Up
Covenant Theological Seminary President Dr. Bryan Chapell has raised the stakes in the debate over Creation, especially regarding the meaning of 'day' in Genesis 1. Westminster Presbytery's bold declaration has also upped the ante.

Turning the World Upside Down
Is the church a secret society? Constitutional expert Vaughn Hathaway discusses the implications if church court minutes are regarded as private.

The Editor offers Sympathy for New Song-Salt Lake, Conscience Bound, and A Complaint by Any Other Name . . . .

Letters to the Editor
Among the topics of interest to our readers are the following: Thankfulness for the News; the Heartland Matter; Political and Ecclesiastical Secession; Frank Brock's Speech at NAPARC; and League of the South.

Lawful and Unlawful Orders
A ruling elder in Ft. Collins, CO, Rich Blinne disagrees with the Editor on the extent of church authority.

Rocky Mountain Rules Bruce Nickoley 'Not Guilty'
Rocky Mountain Presbytery declared Bruce Nickoley to be 'not guilty', by virtue of lack of jurisdiction.

Bearing Testimony Before a Government Panel

Captain Robert Miller (USN, Retd.), a PCA ruling elder, testified before a government panel looking into the role of women in the military.

Greenville Seminary Inaugurates New President

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary inaugurated Dr. Joseph Pipa as its new President.

Interested Groups Meet

Concerned Presbyterians meet in Greenville, SC, and Briarwood Presbyterian in Birmingham hosts a special meeting of people with a more 'moderate' agenda.

News from the Presbyteries . . .

Ascension, Eastern Canada, Eastern Carolina, Northeast, Philadelphia, Southeast Alabama, Southern Florida, Tennessee Valley, and Westminster are covered in this issue. [Please note: the supplying of the names and addresses of the presbytery stated clerks does NOT imply that they were the direct source of the information upon which the stories are based.]

Louisiana Presbytery Responds to Bob Vincent

Former PCA minister Robert Vincent had left Louisiana Presbytery because of his concerns regarding theonomy and the advocacy of political secession by members of that presbytery. At its April meeting, Louisiana responded to Mr. Vincent.

Emmanuel Ministries

Teaching Elder Jim O'Brien has founded a new ministry, dedicated to "bringing to light what our fathers knew and we have forgotten."

Harvard Witnesses Debate Between John Robbins and a Resident Atheist

Under the sponsorship of Hope for Harvard, an organization founded by the PCA's chaplain at Harvard, a debate was held on April 4th between a noted Reformed apologist (of the Gordon Clark school) and an atheist.

Less Than 10-Percent

Veteran Mission to the World missionary Hugh Wessel shares his concern regarding his daughter.