Doug Kelly and Randy Riddle Address Concerned Presbyterians

Greenville, SC (March 13, 1998)-The annual meeting of Concerned Presbyterians was held at the downtown Ramada Inn.

The Rev. Randy Riddle preached at opening worship on the integrity of the elder. The Conway, SC, pastor alluded to some of his struggles to be faithful over the past year in the face of ecclesiastical opposition; and stated: "I chose to stand upon the Biblical principles upon which the PCA was founded." Using I Timothy 3:1-7,14-16 and Titus 1:5-9 as his texts, Mr. Riddle spoke of godly aspiration, blameless character and conduct, and essential ministry priorities. "The moral integrity of the elder begins with a godly aspiration to do a good work of the eldership," said the preacher. There must be "a pattern of Christian consistency," Mr. Riddle declared, and said that essential characteristics of a pastor included worship and a spiritually-healthy conscience. Essential ministry priorities are truth and the person and work of Christ.

Dr. Doug Kelly, who has been a leader in the Presbyterian Church in America in favor of literal six twenty-four days of creation, delivered two lectures on the doctrine of creation. The professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte gave an historical overview of the question of the days of creation. He concluded that Calvin and Luther definitely held to literal six days of creation. With regard to the PCA and and doctrine of creation, Dr. Kelly raised some points for discussion: 1. "The straightforward reading of Genesis is the historic position of our church as expressed in the Westminster Standards." A contrary position is an exception. 2. "In every case, those who take this exception must be extended our charity so that we may understand where they're coming from. Perhaps he's sound in every other point." Questions which could be raised of a person taking exception on the six days of creation would include the following: Was Adam a real man? When did death come in? What about the parallel with Romans 5? Was there a universal flood?

The group, dedicated to "calling the PCA to be what she said she would be," heard