Harvard Witnesses Debate Between John Robbins and a Resident Atheist

For the first time in many years, a Reformed conference was held on the campus of Harvard University.

The conference, "A Place for Truth," took place at Harvard University on April 4th, organized and moderated by PCA Harvard Chaplain, G. Joseph Gatis. The day began with a prayer meeting at 8:15 in the morning. At 11:00 AM, the leader of the Harvard Atheist Discussion Group debated with Christian philosopher John Robbins on the topic, "What is Truth?"

The Humanist Chaplain made gracious introductory remarks. Over 150, including numerous atheists, attended the debate, which was polite throughout. Dr. Robbins included a summary of the gospel in his


Lecturing in the afternoon were John Robbins ("A Place for Truth in Philosophy"), Grady Spires ("A Place for Truth in the Philosophy of Language", and T. David Gordon ("A Place for Truth in Ethics"). The evening lectures were by David Wells ("A Place for Truth in Religion"), Richard Ganz ("A Place for Truth in Psychology"), and Herb Titus ("A Place for Truth in Government"). Dr. Titus was the Taxpayers' Party candidate for Vice President in 1996.

Throughout the lectures, a large selection of Reformed literature was available in the back of the lecture hall courtesy of Mr.and Mrs. Lee of Westminster Discount Book Service. Tapes of the lectures are available, and there are plans for a book to be transcribed from this conference.

Ruling Elder Thomas Fisher

First Reformed Presbyterian Church of Cambridge, MA


Dr. G. Joseph Gatis, Esq.