West Springfield, MA (May 15-16, 1998)-The spring stated meeting of Northeast Presbytery was hosted by West Springfield Covenant Community Church. Moderator Brad Evans, pastor in Coventry, CT, presided.

The Presbytery received under care several candidates for the ministry. Approved for ordination was Mr. Glenn Hoburg to work as an assistant pastor at Christ the King Presbyterian Church, Cambridge, MA, and to labor with Reformed University Ministries at Harvard University.

Correspondence had been received from Heartland Presbytery with regard to the operation of Presbyterian International News Service, its publication (Presbyterian and Reformed News), the Session of Affirmation Presbyterian Church (Somers, NY) which operates the news service, and the Editor. The Presbytery approved several actions. The first motion had three parts. One, it was noted that the General Assembly has not specifically addressed the question of the public or private nature of minutes. Two, it was noted that the Assembly had not found Heartland Presbytery's Standing Rules to be unconstitutional. Thre, Northeast Presbytery found no reason to pursue disciplinary proceedings either with the Session of Affirmation Church or its Pastor (who is also the Editor of the news service). The second motion which was approved strongly urged the Editor to follow BCO 10-4 and the Standing Rules of presbyteries in obtaining the minutes of presbyteries.