Southeast Alabama

Montgomery, AL (January 27, 1998)-Covenant Presbyterian Church hosted the 53rd Stated Meeting of Southeast Alabama Presbytery. The opening worship included preaching by Candidate Glenn Jakes from Nehemiah 8 ("The Word and the World"), the Lord's Supper, and a memorialization of ruling elders and deacons in the presbytery who had passed away the previous year.

TE Henry Bishop reported that an Ad Hoc Committee considering an overture with regard to amending BCO 23-1 recommended that the overture be denied. Presbytery approved that recommendation.

The court voted in favor of the amendment to BCO 13-6 (regarding examination of ministers transferring into a presbytery), 40-9-1; and against the amendment to BCO 38-3 (regarding erasure of members), 4-14-26.

Glenn Jakes was examined to be ordained as Assistant Pastor of Adult Ministries at First Presbyterian Church of Dothan, AL. Presbytery approved his exam, and a salary package of $45,000.00.

Presbytery approved proposals for internships for Justin Kendrick (Youth Director, Coddle Creek Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Mooresville, NC) and Brannon Bowman (Music Director and Director of Ministries, Young Meadows Church, Montgomery). Steve Marusich and Jack Howell were granted $1,000.00 each from the Presbytery Scholarship Fund; and Mr. Marusich's application for a grant from the Lamb Fund at Covenant Theological Seminary was approved. TE Larry Gilpin's terms of call from Monroeville (AL) Presbyterian Church were changed to reflect these increases: salary, $816.00; FICA, $120.00; annuities, $81.00. TE Bill Mason's salary from the Hayneville (AL) Presbyterian Church was increased $426.00 to $18,963.00, and he was granted a $600.00 increase for medical insurance from the Good Hope Presbyterian Church (Benton, AL). Dr. Tom Nash's salary from Westwood Presbyterian Church of Dothan was increased by $2,580.00 and expense allowance by $1,080.00.

During lunch, TE Bill Thompson thanked the host church. He also presented the following: "WHEREAS, the Western Shore of this vast continent has always drawn to her rugged men, mavericks, some in search of gold, some in search of celebrity status, all in search of a better life; WHEREAS, among those motives the call of the Church certainly may be included; WHEREAS, a survey of this room indicates that TE Steve Muzio has failed to persuade members of Presbytery of the benefits of body-building and the merits of wearing button-down shirts with screen-printed cartoon characters; THEREFORE, be it resolved, this twenty-seventh day of January, in the year of our Lord one-thousand nine-hundred ninety-eight, that the Presbytery of Southeast Alabama releases TE Muzio to Pacific Presbytery with gratitude to God for faithful service at Millbrook and with the benediction of grace, mercy, and peace upon his house and flock."

Montgomery, AL (March 24, 1998)-The historic First Presbyterian Church hosted a called meeting of Southeast Alabama Presbytery. Moderator RE Irv Wicker called the meeting to order at 1:13 PM, and announcement was given that the dessert table would be cleared in less than 15 minutes. (It was reported that four ministers were close to 20 minutes late, not being able to participate in the late dessert, and that Mr. Wicker "confessed" to having eaten enough for all of them put together.) Mr. Wicker also gave a devotional centered around Barnabas.

TE James A. Baxter was transferred from North Georgia Presbytery to receive a call from Enterprise (AL) Presbyterian Church as Pastor, with a package of $36,408.00 plus a manse and moving expenses. TE Stan Hartman, also of North Georgia, was licensed to serve as Interim Pastor at Millbrook (AL) Presbyterian Church.

Presbytery approved the call by Covenant Presbyterian Church, Auburn, to Assistant Pastor Philip Palmertree to become Associate Pastor. Terms of call included compensation totalling $40,000.00.

Presbytery reconsidered its previous vote on the proposed amendment to BCO 38-3. In January, the court had voted against this amendment. At this meeting, the amendment was approved, 40-0-2.

RE Jack Williamson was elected as Prosecutor to pursue a judicial matter with regard to a minister who had confessed the sin of adultery.

Presbytery adjourned with prayer and the singing of the Psalm of Unity.

TE Henry Lewis Smith, Stated Clerk

211 S. Chestnut Street, Prattville, AL 36067