Frank Barker Urges PCA to Carry Out Great Commission

St. Louis, Missouri (July 2, 1998)-Dr. Frank Barker, pastor of Birmingham's Briarwood Presbyterian Church, preached tonight at a special worship celebration at the Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly. The PCA is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary, and each of three nights was given to a sermon on one of the three themes of the PCA's original motto: "Loyal to Scripture, the Reformed faith, and faithful to the Great Commission."

Dr. Barker, who has been known for his evangelistic zeal and commitment to world missions, was one of the founders of the denomination. In his message, the Birmingham pastor gave five reasons for missonary efforts: the glory of God; our love for Christ; our obedience to Christ; our accountability to Christ; and our love for men. He cited James Henley Thornwell's commitment to evangelizing the world: "They are perishing, and we have the bread of life."

Dr. Barker spoke of the need not only to evangelize but also to catechize and to teach all that Christ had commanded.