Delhi (LA) Presbyterian Church hosted the Fifty-seventh Stated Meeting of the Louisiana Presbytery on Saturday, April 18, 1998. The Moderator, RE Ellis Smith, convened the meeting. Mr. Duane Otto of Covenant Theological Seminary and Northern Illinois Presbytery led the worship service and preached a sermon from I Peter 1:1-5. TE Paul Lipe administered the Lord's Supper.

Various visitors, including men and women, were introduced to the Presbytery. The court granted the privilege of the floor to the visitors.

Presbytery adopted a formal response to the allegations in the letter of TE Bob Vincent when he left the Presbytery in December, 1997, and recorded in the Minutes of the Called Meeting of December 29, 1997. [Mr. Vincent's comments, which were spread on the minutes of Presbytery, were reported in the Winter 1998 issue of P&R News. He had cited toleration of theonomy within the PCA and advocacy of political secession by members of Louisiana Presbytery as reasons for his and his church's departure. The text of Louisiana's response was reported in the Spring 1998 issue of P&R News.-Ed.] Bringing the request for an official response to Mr. Vincent was the Session of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church, Monroe, LA. Its pastor, Steve Wilkins, is a member of the League of the South, which is advocating peaceful secession from the federal Union.

The Stated Clerk read communiques from TE Michael Frazier and TE Don Locke reporting on their respective ministries out of bounds of Presbytery. Presbytery noted that TE Jim Meeks "has not responded to Presbytery's inquiry as to his need to be under Presbyterial oversight sent last October."

Mr. Wilkins presented the report of the Christian Education Committee. A Men's Retreat was scheduled for November 6-7 at Tall Timbers at an approximate cost of $37.50 per person, with the issue of Creation and Genesis the topic of discussion. Alternate dates are October 9-10 and December 4-5.

RE Ellis Smith presented the MNA Committee report. It was moved, seconded, and carried to organize the Acadiana Mission in Lafayette, LA, as a particular church and to appoint a Commission to install a pastor and to examine, ordain, and install elder(s). Mr. Smith reported on the situation at the DeRidder (LA) Presbyterian Church. "RE Dale Peacock offered prayer for the Lafayette church and the DeRidder church, particularly for TE Ken Roth's Noonday Bible Study."

"RE Larry L'herisson of the First Church in Stamps, Arkansas, spoke on the need for a church planter/tentmaker in both Stamps and Texarkana and reported on the willingness of the Stamps Church to provide the church manse and $100.00 toward the man's support." The MNA Committee was instructed to take up the possibility of a church plant in Texarkana, Arkansas, and to report back to Presbytery. The Presbytery instructed its Pastoral Care Committee "to contact TE Cleve Chandler in Baton Rouge regarding his leaving the bounds of Presbytery and to provide pastoral oversight for the Stamps Church."