Morton Smith Addresses Assembly on Being True to the Reformed Faith

St. Louis, Missouri (July 1, 1998)-Dr. Morton H. Smith, the initial Stated Clerk of the Presbyterian Church in America, preached this evening on remaining faithful to the Reformed faith. His sermon was part of a special worship celebration held in conjunction with the 25th anniversary observation of the denomination.

Dr. Smith, who is currently Dean at Greenville (SC) Presbyterian Theological Seminary, rang the changes on basic Reformed theology, including such doctrines as God's sovereign election and limited atonement. He also touched on the importance of the Law of God, including the 2nd Commandment (and the limitation of practices of worship to those items prescribed in Scripture) and the 4th Commandment. With respect to the Sabbath, Dr. Smith expressed concern over men who took exception to the Confessional teaching. Reading from Isaiah 58:13-14, the professor stated that he was concerned that ordinands were disagreeing not simply with the doctrinal standards, but with the Word of God.