North Georgia

North Georgia Presbytery met for its Spring Stated Meeting on Tuesday, April 21, 1998, at Westminster PCA, Atlanta, GA. The Moderator, RE Dwight Allen, presided. [A churchman], a candidate for ordination, preached on Hebrews 11:13-16, reminding the brethren that we are citizens of Heaven. The moderator divided Presbytery into small groups for sharing and prayer.

The moderator-designate, TE Tom Irby, was elected moderator. Mr. Irby appointed Conrad Beattie as parliamentarian.

The following commission reports were submitted and approved: The Commission to Ordain and Install Mr. Adam Odell at the Intown Community Church as Pastor of Youth Ministries; The Commission to Ordain and Install Samuel A. Wheatley; The Commission to Install David Robinson.

Messrs. Lyn Perez and Al Mawhinney reported for Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando) on alternative tracks for ordination.

Paul Warren was transferred to Potomac Presbytery. The pastoral relation of John Ottinger and the Brookwood Presbyterian Church was dissolved, as was the pastoral relation between Donald Howe and the First Presbyterian Church, Summerville.

Messrs. Ed Gleason, Michael Dally, and Barrett Evans were taken under as ministerial candidates. The Moderator charged them from Romans 16:17 and prayed for them.

The court examined and approved the transfers of Robert Thompson from the Potomac Presbytery and Jim Dallery pending dismissal from the Palmetto Presbytery on April 23rd.

The court examined and sustained examination of Will LaRose, who was coming from Evangelical Church Alliance. He was examined in all areas except preaching. Mr. LaRose has been hired by the denominational Christian Education and Publications Committee to work in the area of Youth Ministry. Also approved upon examination were [a churchman] and Jud Davis.

Jim Dallery was approved as a church planter for Henry County (Eagle's Landing area). Dr. Judson Davis was approved as Organizing Pastor for Messiah Fellowship in McDonough.

Presbytery approved the formation of a committee with MNA GA regarding the sale of property on McDonough Boulevard. Ken Smartt, Harvey Anderson, Cecil Brooks and Ben Wilkinson were approved as a committee to oversee the transaction; to report back at the Summer Stated meeting.

TE Oliver Claassen spoke as a special order regarding his transition from pastor of Westminster PCA to MTW missionary to South Africa.

TE Bob Sweet gave an overview of the case of Steven Collins. Upon Mr. Collins's confession of his sin and asking the forgiveness of the court, the presbytery removed the censure of excommunication and commended him to the Session of Parkview Church.

Mr. Sweet reported, for information, statistics on conversion rates in the presbytery.

Presbytery did not approve an overture from the Harvester Presbyterian Church, Douglasville, GA, regarding the disallowance of exceptions to the Westminster Standards in examinations. The court ruled out of order an overture from Grace Presbyterian Church in Winder regarding the disallowance of recreation on the Sabbath.

An overture from the Session of Cherokee PCA, Woodstock, GA, was received as follows: "The Session of Cherokee Presbyterian Church hereby overtures the North Georgia Presbytery that the 26th General Assembly clarify under what conditions exceptions to the PCA Confessional Standards may or may not be taught by someone who takes exceptions and who is nevertheless approved by his Session or Presbytery for the ministry. And, furthermore, that an appropriately worded proposed amendment be prepared to be considered for inclusion in the PCA Book of Church Order." The Presbytery responded by requesting "the Constitutional Business Committee at the 26th General Assembly to compose and propose an addition to the BCO that would clarify the conditions under which allowed exceptions to the WCF, BCO, and DFW may be taught by someone who has taken those exceptions."