A Note of Thanks, A Debt of Gratitude

On April 15, 1995, a two member session of a small congregation in the boonies of New York decided to embark on a bold venture: to start a news service which would tell the story of the Presbyterian Church in America. At the time of that decision, the church had less than twenty members.

Over the next couple of years, the church, in a spirit of service to its denomination, would pour literally thousands of dollars into the project. In the process, the church paid a heavy price, not only financially but also emotionally and spiritually.

The effects of this enterprise have been dramatic. Stories which otherwise never would have become known to the constituency of the PCA have been disseminated. As a result, people have become aware of certain critical issues, and have been enabled to take appropriate action. Real reform has taken place.

Some months ago, as this Editor was contemplating his likely resignation from the pastorate of this church, the officers decided to divest the session of the news service. With this issue of Presbyterian and Reformed News, responsibility for the news organization rests with a new corporation.

But we did not want the mantle to pass without some recognition of the sacrifice offered up by a tiny church in a corner of the kingdom. Affirmation Presbyterian Church, we salute you! You are a brave troop of pilgrims. May your star continue to shine bright until the King pays His final visit at the consummation of all things.