Sweden Approved as New Mission Field

The PCA's Mission to the World Committee approved the sending of a team of Swedes and Americans to Sweden. If successful, this team will be instrumental in organizing the first Presbyterian and Reformed denomination in all Scandinavia.

Grieving With Hope

PCA Pastor Jim Alexander, whose only son was on board TWA Flight 800 two years ago, helps others cope with loss by means of his unique ministry.

Mission to North America Representatives Appear Before Central Georgia Presbytery

Concerned about church planting in the West, Central Georgia Presbytery had raised some issues by means of overture to the 1998 General Assembly. Representatives of the home missions committee appeared before the court at its October stated meeting in Macon, Georgia. In their public appearance, they asserted no favoritism toward contemporary worship; declared that liturgical dance, liturgical drama, video clips in public worship and the use of rock music are not forbidden by their committee guidelines for church planters; and pledged 'sunshine' regarding committee records.

MNA's Official Response

The Mission to North America responded formally to several questions posed by Central Georgia Presbytery.

Phil Stogner Responds to Central Georgia

Central Georgia Presbytery also sent questions to the Rev. Mr. Phil Stogner, Pastor of Park City (UT) Presbyterian Church. Mr. Stogner had reneged on a prior agreement to mentor Mr. Jason Wallace, who was being ordained in early 1998 by Central Georgia and sent to Utah to plant a church.

Northern California Replies to Central Georgia

Central Georgia Presbytery also wanted Northern California Presbytery to answer some questions regarding its controversial mission church, New Song-Salt Lake.

MNA Committee Hears Reports from Its Coordinators

At its October 1-2, 1998, stated meeting, the Mission to North America Committee heard reports from various coordinators.

MNA Approves New Church Planters

Mission to North America gave its blessing to four more men to engage in organizing churches.

MNA Committee Meets in Executive Session

The Mission to North America Committee met for almost two hours behind closed doors. Ruling and teaching elders were excluded, while three women were allowed to stay.

MNA Establishes Women in Leadership Award

The Mission to North America Committee approved establishing the Urban and Mercy Women in Leadership Award. The minimum amount of the award will be $20,000, with the money to be taken from the Women in the Church Love Gift.

Northern California Refuses to Entertain Charges Against MNA Western Coordinator

Lewis Ruff, the Western Coordinator for Mission to North America, has been a key figure in the controversy regarding church planting in the West. In October, Northern California Presbytery refused to entertain charges against him brought by the Rev. David Brown, a retired minister of that Presbytery.

'Information Meeting' Held in Johnson City Regarding Home Missions

An 'information meeting' was held in Johnson City, Tennessee, in October with regard to home missions policy in Westminster Presbytery. Also discussed was the possibility that some of Westminster Presbytery's churches may leave that court in order to join Tennessee Valley Presbytery.

1998 NAPARC Meets in South Dakota

The 1998 meeting of the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council completed the suspension of the Christian Reformed Church.


The Editor offers his thoughts in two editorials: "Reflections: 25 Years Later", and "Is MNA Caught in a Dilemma?"

Editorial Change

Presbyterian International News Service is pleased to announce the appointment of an Editor-in-Chief.

PINS to Appoint Ministerial Advisors

Presbyterian International News Service will be appointing ministerial advisors by early 1999, in order to assist it in bringing you the news in the best possible way.


Our readers respond on a variety of issues.

Jimmy Lyons Address 25th Anniversary Service for Western Carolina Presbytery

The PCA's most beloved and most famous Choctaw Indian Chief gave one of his rousing sermons at a service celebrating the silver anniversary of the founding of the Presbyterian Church in America.


Posted are reports from Ascension, Calvary, Central Georgia, Covenant, Eastern Canada, Eastern Carolina, Gulf Coast, James River, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Georgia, Northeast, Palmetto, Philadelphia, South Texas, Susquehanna Valley, Tennessee Valley, and Westminster Presbyteries.

Covenant Children and Education

Should covenant children be educated in the public school system? One PCA presbytery boldly gives answer.

A Declaration to President Clinton

Great Lakes Presbytery calls upon William Jefferson Clinton to repent.

Presbyteries Declare Church Court Minutes to be Public

Two PCA presbyteries go on record that minutes of church courts are public documents.

Ascension Inquires Regarding Service of Public Worship with Baseball Theme

Ascension Presbytery, located in Western New York, Northwestern Pennsylvania, and Northeastern Ohio, expressed its concern to North Georgia Presbytery regarding the worship practices at one of its churches.

Quotes from the Quorums

Here are some choice quotes from recent meetings of three PCA presbyteries.

A Request for Prayer and for Financial Assistance

A church in Arizona makes a plea for help in obtaining property.