New Hope Presbyterian Church of Abbeville, SC, hosted the 58th stated meeting of Calvary Presbytery on April 23, 1998. The Moderator, TE Bob Baxter, presided.

Stated Clerk Charles Champion reported on the annual reaffirmation of ministerial obligations. It was noted that TE Raymond Craig of Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church did not sign the Ministerial Obligation, but answered in the negative when asked by the Moderator if any of his views had changed in the past year.

Presbytery dissolved Grace Presbyterian Church of Greenville, SC, per its request. [In these minutes, there was no notation that provision was made for the members of the dissolved congregation.-Ed.]

Messrs. Robert Hamby, III, Collie W. (Trip) Lehn, and Edward Pennybaker were received as candidates. Mr. Kevin Quiles was removed from the roll of Candidates at his request; he has become a member of a Baptist Church. Per his request, Mr. Wayne Copeland was also removed as a Candidate; he has accepted a position at Covenant Seminary.

Mr. Stephen Speaks, a candidate of Missouri Presbytery, was examined and approved for ordination, to become RUM campus minister at Clemson. Dr. Joseph Pipa, newly-installed President of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, was transferred from South Coast Presbytery. TE David Trimmier was transferred from the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church to pastor the Friendship Presbyterian Church of Laurens, SC.

Presbytery removed Mr. Jim Stanley as a Candidate, and his license to preach in Calvary Presbytery was revoked due to conduct unbecoming a licentiate and candidate.

A study committee was erected to investigate whether to establish a Christian Counseling Center under the authority of Calvary Presbytery.

It was moved, seconded, and carried that anyone not present the last three Presbytery meetings be brought to the attention of the Administration Committee.

Minutes of several churches were approved without exceptions. Minutes of several churches were approved with exceptions. [However, the Presbytery did not note what those exceptions were.-Ed.]

The 59th stated meeting of Calvary Presbytery met at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Spartanburg, SC, on July 25, 1998. The Presbytery divided to hear sermons by Mr. Jim Stephenson and Mr. Richard Bettes. The court came together as a whole, and celebrated the Lord's Supper.

Presbytery memorialized two ruling elders: Anthony Wakefield "Tony" Pearson and Calvin "Tack" Leonard, both of the Reidville (SC) Presbyterian Church.

RE Hugh Player from Second Presbyterian Church of Greenville was elected as Moderator.

Calvary Presbytery changed the calls of TE Robert Spears and TE David Conley from Assistant Pastor to Associate Pastor; changes in the call to Mr. Conley were also approved. TE Henry Hope was permitted to labor out of bounds with Mission 21 India for another year. TE Craig Swartz was dismissed to Southwest Florida Presbytery in order to plant a church in Brandon, FL. TE E. C. Cooley was permitted to labor out of bounds at Tates Creek Presbyterian Church, Lexington, KY, as Stated Supply.

Mr. Tim Cutliff was removed from the roll of Candidates, at his request. Calvary Presbytery Scholarship funds at Covenant Theological Seminary were divided equally among Greg Thompson, Richard Bettes, David McIntosh, Frank Matthews, and Stephen Perkins. The internship plan of Joseph Wright at New Covenant Presbyterian Church under the supervision of TE David Rountree was approved.

Mr. Jim Stephenson was examined and approved for ordination to plant Horizon Church in Mauldin, SC. The call from Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church totaled $62,120.00. Professor Ben Shaw voted not to approve the examination of Mr. Stephenson because, while stating that he took no exceptions to the Westminster Standards, his expressed views regarding the regulative principle of worship are clearly exceptional to the historic intent of the Standards.

Mr. Charles Amicy was examined and approved for ordination as an MTW missionary. Mr. Philip McClimon was examined and received from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, pending the questions being answered regarding the clarity of his call into military chaplaincy. Mr. Stan Johnson was examined and transferred from Great Lakes Presbytery to accept the call as Pastor of Fellowship Presbyterian Church, Greer, SC. Messrs. Richard Bettes and Daniel Jarstfer were examined and licensed to preach.

Fred Thompson was granted permission to labor out of bounds as Stated Supply of Zion Presbyterian Church for another year. Located in Chester, SC, Zion Church is a member of Fellowship Presbytery.