Gulf Coast

The 76th Stated Meeting of Gulf Coast Presbytery was held on February 10, 1998, at First Presbyterian Church, Niceville, FL. Ruling Elder Fellers of Eastern Shore (AL) Presbyterian Church presided as Moderator.

TE Michael Schneider presented the Examinations Committee report. Mr. Brett Carl was received under care as a ministerial candidate. Mr. James Davis, a graduate of Bryan College and Dallas Theological Seminary, was examined and approved for ordination as Assistant Pastor of Student Ministries at McIlwain Memorial Presbyterian Church, Pensacola.

Mrs. Lois Johnson presented the annual report of the Gulf Coast Presbyterial.

TE Steven Bradford, who has been without call for an extended time, was "allowed to remain on the rolls of Presbytery without call until the May meeting of Presbytery, at which he shall be required to appear before presbytery as it considers divesting him without censure in accordance with BCO 34-10."

A commission had worked through a difficult situation at the Panama City Korean Presbyterian Church. The court approved the minister to seek another call "which would include a mentoring relationship to assist him in understanding the proper working relationship between a pastor and session, as well as other Book of Church Order guidance for the proper working of a PCA church." The Presbytery will provide at least two elders if so requested by the lone ruling elder and the congregation "to assist in rebuilding the Panama City Korean Presbyterian Church and provide assistance to find a pastor who is in harmony with their philosophy of ministry." The church was to provide "at least two months severance pay unless the pastor finds a call sooner, and pay back pay and back medical insurance as soon as they are able (Presbytery may need to offer help)."

Presbytery approved the recommendation of its Mission to North America Committee, acting as a commission, in the reception of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church of Destin, FL, into Gulf Coast Presbytery.