Proclamation Presbyterian Church, Bryn Mawr, PA, hosted the stated meeting of Philadelphia Presbytery on Saturday, September 12, 1998. TE Ted Lim called the meeting to order and presided. He read John 17:20-26 and gave a brief exposition and application, and led in the constituting prayer.

Treasurer Royce Seifert agreed to submit to Presbytery a policy statement regarding compliance with IRS regulations no later than the January, 1999, stated meeting. Any offerings received in excess of expenses at the 25th Anniversary Celebration were designated for the church plant in Conshohocken.

Messrs. Richard Philips and Geoffrey Bradford were examined and licensed to preach. Presbytery received seven men as candidates: Messrs. Jim Chong, Richard Coffeen, George Gunn, Brendyn Huh, Daniel Kirk, John Muhlfeld, and Drew Rideout. Messrs. Michael Bell and Jeff Lehman were removed from the roll of candidates due to inactivity.

Internship reports were received from five of the Presbytery's interns. Internship proposals for Messrs. Geoff Bradford, Michael Kearney, and John Muhlfeld were approved. The internships of Messrs. Scott Kessler and Richard Phillips were approved as having been completed.

Before lunch, the Presbytery observed its annual celebration of the Lord's Supper.

RE David Lachman, Chairman of the Judicial Business Committee, presented that committee's report. The court adopted the two recommendations. The first had to do with access to minutes [see related story on p. 9-Ed.] The second was to answer the question, "Is it within the competence of Presbytery to mandate a group health care plan for each of its members who is called to minister in (and who is paid by) one of the particular churches within its bounds?" The answer is: "It is within the competence of Presbytery to impose such a mandate upon all its churches. But if a majority of Presbytery be in favor of imposing such a mandate, Presbytery should appoint those of its members who would be covered under such a plan, together with ruling elders from each of the particular churches in its bounds, to meet together and in loving mutual conference to resolve the matter to the greater good of all concerned."

RE Bill Devlin reported on the work of the Urban Family Council, which now has offices in Philadelphia and New York.

The Stated Clerk reported that he had received an excerpt of a dissertation by TE Daniel Bartel concerning "The Christian Home School Movement and the Traditional Church."

Presbytery approved the dissolution of Beechwood Community Reformed Presbyterian Church after all its members have transferred their memberships. Its pastor, TE Paul L. Karlberg, has been called to be Assistant Pastor of Proclamation Presbyterian Church, effective October 1, 1998. Of the residual assets of the Beechwood Church, 80 per cent will go to Proclamation's building fund, and 20 per cent to continue support of missions commitments.

Presbytery honorably retired TE John Clark, effective November 1, 1998, and recognized his 36 years of service to the Landsdale (PA) Presbyterian Church.

Licentiate RE Joel Holm was approved as student supply for the Church of the Redeemer for one year; and the borrowed session for the congregation was dissolved as requested.

TE Ted Lim's pastoral relationship with Korean United Church was dissolved, and he was granted the status of honorably retired.

Presbytery approved the call of the American Missionary Fellowship to TE Stuart Sacks.

RE Sam Grillo reported for the World Mission Committee. "He noted that the Christian bookstore in Syria which had been closed had now reopened and that among its customers were Saudis who were buying Bibles to take home with them!"

TE Carl Derk reported on Reformed University Ministries. Mr. David Green reported on his ministry at Lehigh University. He plans to pursue a call as an ordained campus minister by and under the Presbytery.

RE Bob Miller reported on his work with Hope for America, which has devoted much of its time and energy to the issue of women in combat.