Quotes from the Quorums

These quotes were heard on the floor of Northeast Presbytery at its September 18-19, 1998 meeting.

"I had a file of correspondence up here. Did anyone pick it up?"-Stated Clerk Steve Magee. "We don't want another Filegate, do we?"-Moderator Brad Evans.

Later during the meeting: "You know, I was looking through the [ministerial] files, and my file isn't in there." "It's in Clinton's office."-Moderator Brad Evans.

The following question and tongue-in-cheek answer occurred between a commissioner and the minister who had chaired the congregational meeting dealing with the dissolution of a pastoral relationship.

"Could we hear from the church, how they feel?" "They said, 'Great!'"

"It's already known that two models of Mitsubishis will shut down on January 1, 2000. I don't know which ones they are, I don't own either of them. I've got a Saturn-probably that's going to shut down in August of 1999."-Committee on Administration Chairman Chris Baker, speaking on the Y2K problem.

The following repartee occurred when Chris Baker was explaining why he was waiting until November to transfer his credentials as he takes up a new job in St. Louis.

"I admit, I would want to sharpen up some of my theology before I appear before Missouri Presbytery, where Covenant Seminary is located, where I got my degree-I would hate to blow that exam." "We can take you out back and give you some practice."-Candidates, Credentials and Internship Chairman Steve Gonzales.

After a Brazilian pastor noted that the Igreja Presbyteriana do Brazil has more steps than the PCA for organizing churches, Steve Gonzales quipped: "I can't imagine any denomination having more steps than we have."

After determining that Presbytery had, by a sufficient supermajority, rescinded the adoption of its Standing Rules, Moderator Brad Evans observed: "Clearly our Standing Rules are rescinded"; and then quipped: "So, every man can do what is right in his own eyes!" TE Herb Shipman added: "So, what's new?"

The following quotes were heard at Central Georgia Presbytery on October 13, 1998:

Chaplain Charlie Morrison: "I've been appointed to the General Assembly Committee on Women in Combat, which is now meeting by email: we've been given a total of $810.00 for our work, which doesn't give a lot for travel."

With regard to an ad hoc committee of Presbytery: "Any objection to appointing that committee? If you do, I'll appoint you to it!"-Moderator Dan Clay.

Church planter Mike Milton, on ministering to one of the largest gated communities in the country: ". . . ministering to the upper middle class or, as others have referred to them, the lower filthy rich."

Ron Parrish, speaking of the proposed new structure for Presbytery: "We want to come together not just to debate but to execute ministry together." After the debate on the motion, Roland Barnes: "Mr. Moderator, I volunteer to serve as the Chairman of the Committee on Executions."

The following quotes were heard on the floor of North Georgia Presbytery on October 20, 1998:

From a minister transferring into the Presbytery: "My name is Christopher Robins-if you have something to say about that, I'd like to hear something new."

From Weldon Williams, who was being examined for ordination: "My wife said, 'I think we ought to take that call', and I said, 'Lord, now I know you're talking to me!' . . . Y'all laugh, because you know it's true."

During the church polity part of an ordination exam: "Weldon, can you tell me the difference between deacons and elders?" "Deacons don't have to go through this process."

During the church history part of an ordination exam: "Could you tell us about Manicheanism, Bruce?" "I could have earlier today."

"All those opposed say, 'Aye'. . . . All those in favor say, 'Aye'. . . . I just wanted to make sure you were awake."-the Moderator, late in the meeting.

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