Survey Says . . .

According to the self-study survey sent out by P&R News, its readers, overwhelmingly, are appreciative of the newspaper. The tabulated responses, through May 5, 1999, indicate that more than eighty-five percent of those who returned the survey rated the newspaper either a "3" or a "4" in terms of overall performance.
The highest marks on the individual categories were for General Assembly coverage, Presbyteries coverage, and Interviews. In terms of which ones our readers looked at first, the most popular categories were News stories, Presbyteries, and Feature stories.
For the most part, the views represented are from churches and individuals that do not sponsor the news service. (With a few exceptions, the surveys were not distributed to the churches which are sponsors.)
The final percentages were as follows:

Rate on scale of 0-4 (Awful to Outstanding)

Feature stories0.
General Assembly coverage0.
Tongue-in-cheek features1.81.825.742.528.3
Book Reviews0.93.524.344.327.0

Which One Do You Look for First? [Note: many of our readers circled more than one category. The percentages were arrived at by adding up all of the "votes" for a particular category, and dividing that number by the total number of "votes."]

Feature stories20.1
General Assembly coverage14.1
Tongue-in-cheek features00.7
Book Reviews02.0

The Personal Touch
P&R News is honored by the unexpectedly high number of responses which we received to the survey, and we thank our readers for participating. We also asked for any feedback which you would like to give us, and we have printed a representative selection of your comments below. We have placed all of the comments on our website.

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