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Assembly Warns Parents of the Homosexual Agenda Being Promoted through Public Schools

Louisville, Kentucky (June 17, 1999)-The 27th Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) General Assembly today adopted a statement warning of the danger of homosexuality. The Assembly referred to prior statements against homosexuality made by previous Assemblies, and also adopted this statement: "Given the serious threat that sexual perversion generally, and homosexuality in particular, represents to young people in our society, the congregations of the PCA are encouraged to study the Scriptures, to pray for God's mercy and truth to triumph in the lives of people involved in or affected by homosexuality, to speak and act pastorally on behalf of our children, and to direct further questions and concerns within our churches to those within our denominational circles especially able to assist them, such as Harvest USA." The Assembly also added a sentence, which encouraged the elders of local churches "to warn parents of the homosexual agenda being promoted through the agency of government schools."