PCA Again Expresses Concern Over Abortion

Louisville, Kentucky (June 17, 1999)-The 27th Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) General Assembly echoed previous Assemblies in condemning abortion. Responding to an overture from Philadelphia Presbytery, the Assembly adopted the following statement:

The 27th General Assembly of the PCA reaffirms with united voice the sanctity of human life under the protection of the Sixth Commandment. And to that end, The Stated Clerk is requested to do the following:
Remind all the churches and presbyteries of the continuing availability of its published report on the sanctity of Human Life adopted by the Sixth General Assembly.
That his letter to the churches regarding the actions of the 27th General Assembly repeat recommendations 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 [from Philadelphia's overture] urging our churches and presbyteries to seek God's enablement and grace to implement them in light of the continued tragedy of abortion on demand in America.
Appoint someone to lead the Assembly in prayer for this issue at this time.
Appoint a national PCA day of prayer and fasting for the ending of abortion to be held at an appropriate day in the year AD 2000, inviting NAE churches, our sister NAPARC churches and other approved PCA ministries and agencies to join with us.
That each of the PCA Presbyteries be urged to establish a pro-life committee to address the recommendations of the Sixth General Assembly Report on the Sanctity of Human Life among its constituent particular churches.

The recommendations from Philadelphia's overture included approaching the President of the United States, Congressional leaders, and the Chief Justice of the United States with a strong statement against abortion. Also included was the establishment of a Sanctity of Human Life Sub-Committee under the Christian Education and Publications Committee, to assist the Stated Clerk in informing the denomination, on a yearly basis, of the responsibility to show compassionate love to those contemplating abortion, and urging PCA members to "seek to bring about substantial changes in existing legislation so that the human life of an unborn child be recognized and protected."