I've studied,
I've learned,
yet I'm biting my nails,
and my thumbs twittle and turn

Six questioning men,
staring straight at me,
"Oh, dear!" I thought,
"My nervousness do they see?"

They looked at me and asked,
"What is sin?"
Oh, my-I'm no where
near the end!

"What is infralapsarianism?"
I had to guess. . .
"Are you a Christian?"
I answered with a yes.

With trembling lips,
And stammering tongue,
I began to tell
what the Savior had done

It was not by me,
but by God's grace,
He'd saved me and gave me
the courage to run the race

"Oh, dear!" I thought
"What will be my fate?"
The preacher stood up
and said I'd done great!

He smiled and grinned,
then took a bow,
"You're a communing
member now!"

Miss Elise Hudnall, 13, became a communicant member of Bridwell Heights Presbyterian Church, Kingsport, Tenn.