News from Covenant College

Maintaining academic and theological standards via openness
The Covenant College Board, at its October 7-8, 1999, meeting, determined that "Covenant College will be more effective in maintaining high academic and theological standards if it more openly disseminates the work of faculty and students, such as by posting their writings on the Covenant website."
The Board minutes indicate that "an outside evaluator should assess a random selection of SIPs," or Senior Integration Projects. The faculty members are also to "state their criteria for determining the evaluation grade concerning integration of faith and learning on the SIPs." All SIPs written during the past twelve months are to "be available on request to members of the board of trustees with privacy concerns taken into account."

Matters of tenure and contract
The Board voted "that the Administration work with the College's attorney to ensure that the language, especially concerning all matters relating to 'tenure' and the hiring and dismissal of faculty and other employees, found in the employment contracts, the various personnel manuals, and the Board policy manual be clear and consistent."

International Economic Development
The Board approved making International Economic Development as a minor offered at the College.