26th Assembly Hears Call to Faith and Obedience
The 26th General Assembly, meeting in St. Louis, MO, June 30-July 3, 1998, heard retiring Moderator Sam Duncan urge faith and obedience.

Kennedy Smartt Elected Moderator
The court elected Kennedy Smartt as Moderator.

Chair of Evangelism Named for Kennedy Smartt
Covenant Theological Seminary names a Chair of Evangelism in Dr. Smartt's honor.

25th Anniversary Celebrations
The silver anniversary of the founding of the Presbyterian Church in America was celebrated in a variety of ways at the 1998 General Assembly. A special address by Paul Settle detailed the history which led up to the formation of the denomination.

Being True to the Scriptures
Three messages at evening worship services highlighted the three themes of the original PCA motto. James Boice preached on "True to the Scriptures".

Holding to the Reformed Faith
Morton H. Smith preached one evening at the 1998 General Assembly on "The Reformed Faith"

Committed to the Great Commission
Frank Barker preached on being "Faithful to the Great Commission".

Assembly Approves Creation Case
The General Assembly approved a controversial case regarding Creation.

Votes to Study the Matter
The General Assembly also resolved to study the matter of Creation.

Assembly Accepts Assurances of MNA Regarding Controversy
The General Assembly accepted the assurances from its Mission to North America Committee regarding the controversy over church planting policy, particularly in Utah. Meanwhile, there are subsequent developments regarding New Song-Salt Lake, a PCA mission work.

Central Georgia Makes Inquiries
Central Georgia Presbytery continues its pursuit of answers to its questions regarding MNA church planting policy.

Assembly Turns Down Request for MNA Offering on Mother's Day
Home missions and Mother's Day are usually not a controversial combination-but such was not the case at this year's Assembly.

Women Not to Lead in Public Worship This year's Assembly gave its rationale for why women should not lead in public worship.

Women in Combat Committee Appointed
The 26th PCA General Assembly acceded to the request by Philadelphia Presbytery for the appointment of a study committee on the matter of women in combat.

Trademark Issue Raised Again
For the third consecutive Assembly, the matter of the denominational service mark was raised.

Interchurch Relations Report Avoids Controversy
The General Assembly avoided much of the anticipated controversy regarding the report by the Permanent Committee on Interchurch Relations to last year's Assembly.

CRC Suspended from NAPARC; PCA Courts URCNA
The PCA voted to suspend the Christian Reformed Church from NAPARC, and to countenance the largest group of seceders from the CRC. IRC Chairman Rick Perrin offers his perspective on these actions.

The Fraternal Delegates
The General Assembly heard from various fraternal delegates and other distinguished guests.

Office Building Dispute
A dispute over the use of the denominational office building appears headed for resolution.

A Change in Stated Clerk
The Assembly honored its retiring Stated Clerk, Paul Gilchrist, and elected Roy Taylor to replace him.

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Quotes from the Quorum
Get a chuckle or two from the comments heard on the floor of General Assembly.

Things You Never Hear in Church
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Our Man in Charleston
What does one's Christian faith have to do with politics? Read this exclusive interview with Rev. Mike Hall, who also serves as a West Virginia state legislator.

Sampling the Churches of North Georgia
We take the pulse of six churches in the Atlanta area and the type of worship being offered therein. Parkview Church featured a baseball theme. Westminster Presbyterian of Atlanta has a veteran pastor filling the pulpit during a time of transition. Ivy Creek Church looks to build its own building. Construction on the new facility for Chapel Woods is already underway. Old Peachtree also looks to build a new structure. Ingleside is aiming to move its location to suburbs further from the city.

News From the Presbyteries
Read about what's happening in Covenant , Eastern Carolina , Louisiana, Metro New York, New River, North Georgia, Warrior, and Western Carolina Presbyteries.

News Flash!!!
Philadelphia Presbytery makes a decision regarding the nature of its minutes.

A Note of Thanks
As the news service makes a transition, we look back in gratitude to the sacrifices made by Affirmation Presbyterian Church, Somers, New York.